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Animal hoarding, in many cases, is hazardous to the animals and the humans who are around the smell and uncleanliness of the situation.

If you are an animal hoarder or have a loved one who is an animal hoarder, we want you to know that we are a complete source of information on the subject of animal hoarding and cleanup.

The following are the various steps for the animal hoarding cleanup:

  • Remove the animals or have them taken to a safe place.
  • Use proper chemicals to clean.
  • Get rid of biohazard dangers.
  • Clean the items in the home that may have gotten contaminated.

Animal hoarders don’t always tend to think of themselves as hoarders and are generally nice people. They tend to hoard all types of animals from cats, to dogs or even rats.

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There Are Dangers That Need To Be Taken Care Of:

The feces left behind is a hazard to a person’s health and also anyone who wants to help them. Special precautions need to be taken in order to safely remove the items from the home and dispose of the contaminated materials and feces in a safe way.

Animal Hoarding Cleanup Includes:

  • Clean up and remove of animal feces, animal urine, bird poop, and items affected by animals.
  • Dumpsters and unmarked trucks are used to hide from nosy neighbors.
  • Trained technicians, who are sensitive and compassionate to a sometimes embarrassing situation, perform the cleanup.
  • Reasonable prices
  • Free Estimates

What Is Animal Hoarding?

According to The Hoarding of Animals Research Consortium (HARC), animal hoarding has these four main signs:

  1. The inability to offer the necessary standards for sanitation, food, water, and medical care and space for animals.
  2. Not understanding how the situation will affect the animals and the humans that reside in the home.
  3. A dwelling is falling apart structurally and has become an unhealthy environment, the resident continues to collect animals.
  4. Avoiding the fact that there is a serious issue; ignoring what the friends and family members have said.

Animal Hoarding Care:

There are other signs and issues which can arise from animal hoarding, but sadly it ruins the health of many individuals each year because they don’t have the knowledge or awareness of the surroundings which they live in at the time. Most animal hoarders are genuinely nice people and the situation can be solved by providing a healthy and livable environment for the individual.